Watch It Grow #summerseries

Summer is here and we have already done a few fun things. Check out these little pill capsules I bought from the dollar store recently.


  It said to put them in warm or hot water and watch them grow…so we did. Note: Hot water worked best. I’ve never seen something so small create so much excitement. We gave each kiddo a cup of warm water and two capsules. Then we waited and we watched. It was pretty cool to see the capsules completely transform into little animal-shaped sponges!


The container even gives you a guide to see what animal you got. The kids shouted out the animals they had gotten as they formed, and they even tried to guess their next animal beforehand. It was a blast!


This Summer we hope to show you a few ways you can have fun that won’t cost you a fortune. 🙂 – Moe

Do you have any fun and inexpensive things that you and your family do in the Summer? We’d love the hear them.


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