Homemade Gummy Snacks

We love gummy snacks in our house. I mean love. We really should buy stock in these things. So, when I found this recipe from “The King of Random” on Facebook, I was in love. 


the end result
It was relative easy, with GREAT results. My kids helped make it, and they were set up within 30 minutes in the fridge. The preparation time was a bit long, with the cooking taking somewhere around 30 mins… But, I think it was because I was worried about burning it.


my little helper with her baby in a sling
I had to purchase a few supplies (candy molds, gelatin powder, jello mix, and corn syrup), but it cost me less than $10 for enough supplies to make 4 flavors. Each flavor filled two candy mold trays, which was 96 candies in my molds. (multiply that by 4 flavors and wowza!)

Click the link above to watch his explanation and to grab his simple instructions. Be sure you follow his instructions closely, or you will end up with funky chunks in your candies. 


buggie pouring the gel into the candy molds

1 small pkg flavored jello

2 packets Sure Gel gelatin powder (for jelly)

1/2 cup very cold water (this is key)

1/4 cup white corn syrup

Mix cold water and corn syrup in a dish, stir until dissolved. Place in a cold sauce pan, stir in gelatin powder and jello. Mix until dissolved. Turn stove on to low-med heat, and cook until liquid becomes clear – stir constantly. 

When liquid becomes clear, pour into candy molds. I used a candy bottle, and it was crazy easy to fill the molds. 

We put ours in the fridge to speed the cooling process, I left them while we ate dinner. 


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