Rainy Day Walk #summerseries

I love rainy day walks. It has been really rainy here recently, so it’s been great to get out and enjoy the wet weather.

My hair of course doesn’t love the rain. In the rain, my hair is all “Hey girl, how’s about I make it look like I’m eating your head and like you haven’t brushed your hair in months. Cool? Cool.” And don’t even get me started on the process of trying to flat iron my hair in the rain. Just don’t even bother.


When my kiddos were little we would take puddle walks all the time. It was so great! They loved to just splash like crazy. It wasn’t something we always got to do, so it was such a treat when we did. Now that their a little older, I will generally let them jump in the biggest puddle they see in the store parking lot… provided we are just going home after our trip.

More than walking in the rain, I love to sit and listen to the rain. The sound of the rain makes my heart just explode with happiness. I want a covered porch so badly so I can just curl up with a good book, a warm blanket, and enjoy the rain.


Have you taken rainy walks with your kids?

If not, I encourage you to try it. Take off your shoes, and just run, stomp, and go crazy in the rain and the puddles. Of course, if there is lightening or thunder, get inside and try it another day. And remember, where there’s thunder, there’s lightening close by. So, stay safe.



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