Who lives in a Pineapple… #summerseries


First stop on the Theatrical Thursday’s train was a The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water movie night.

We had originally planned this outside, but since the weather has been wonky here and we have been having some nasty off and on storms, we decided to do it in the basement. Good thing too, because we got a heck of a rain storm that day.

We wanted to do this party on a budget (goal: $25) and try to make it as easy to do as possible. So, we set out to hunt Pinterest and get our thinking caps on… and save we did!!! We spent right around our $25 goal for the entire party, and we came out with one of the most awesome parties ever! Our kids had a blast, and we did too.

First on the list: Decorations

Check out the cool things we did with our limited budget.

Movie Photos2

Anyone who’s seen Spongebob would recognize these crazy shapes from the skyline in the cartoon. These were made with pipe cleaners Moe had laying around, and didn’t cost us anything! Score!


Plankton had to make an appearance, so Moe purchased 10 green gift bags for $1 and used some craft paint she already had to paint on Plankton’s face.


A $1 pack of yellow cups and a $.94 cent pack of googly eyes, paired with Moe’s handy work with a black marker, made these cute Spongebob cups! We put punch in ours, but you could use these to hold snacks or popcorn.


We used poster board and paint we already had to create these cute anchor and life preserver decorations, and paired them with a $1 net from the Tiki section at our Dollar Tree to create an awesome backdrop for our food table.



This was by far the coolest feature at our party. Moe created this with paper and paint. Crazy right??? We used it for a fun photo booth and created some masks to go along with it. Check out her post tomorrow to see how she made this beauty and the masks we created.


We used some streamers we found in a craft box to create seaweed hanging from the ceiling, but I forgot to take a picture. 😦 Oops!

Even little baby girl had her own awesome boat to watch the movie in. I used a box I found at work, spray painted it with spray paint I found in my garage, and then used paint pens left from another project to create the stripes and writing. Cost: $0

IMGP2284 IMGP2261


No Spongebob party would be complete without Krabby Patties. We used hamburger meat and dollar rolls to make little sliders. We used condiments and toppings we already had to create a custom Krabby Patty for each child. Total cost for the burgers: $6


Who lives in a Pineapple… We had to have a Pineapple center piece. Cost $2 on sale.

It’s sitting in a Krusty Krab take out box that I made using a Sonic drink carrier and leftover Christmas wrapping paper.


Of course we had to have Kelp Juice!! We made this simple recipe using lime sherbert, frozen lemonade, and lemon-lime Hawaiian Punch. We served it in a pail we found at the dollar tree.


All in all, this party was a HUGE success, and we had a blast!



This is something you could easily re-create for your own kiddos for some summer fun, or a birthday party. Just be creative and use supplies you already have laying around, and check out your local dollar stores to find some great buys at a very low cost.

We had fun creating all of the things you see here, and had a ton of other ideas, but ran out of time (think pink balloons with pink streamers to create jellyfish hanging from the ceiling). We can’t wait to see all of your pictures from your own movie night!

Aleah and Moe


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