And I Said, “What About ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’?”#summerseries

Friends, I threw a Breakfast at Tiffany’s party and it was awesome!!! 🙂 wpid-20150620_170453-1.jpg

Let me tell you, sometimes you just need a party where you can dress up and be a little fancy. It is also a bonus to have enough things on hand that your cost is minimal when you decide to throw said party. 🙂 I’ll try to give prices for everything that I actually bought and then I’ll total it up at the end.


This was my first project. I took an old empty picture frame I had, and painted the glass with chalkboard paint with 3 or 4 coats. Note: I suggest you lay the frame flat for the glass to dry and to remove the glass from the frame. I was lazy and did not remove it and it took a little manoeuvering to get the chalkboard paint under the lip of the frame. Then I painted the actual frame black for a crisp slick look. Cost: free


I bought a stack of tiffany blue cups and forks and a spool of ribbon. The ribbon was a little more transparent than I would have liked, but it still looked pretty. For the forks, the ribbons tied on easily. The cups took a little more work. All I did was tie the ribbon around the cup like you would tie a shoelace. But before I made the loops and bow, I placed a dot of glue on the back of the cup to keep it in place while I tied. You can also place a dab of glue behind the bow to secure it better to the cup. With light blue chalk you can write your favorite quote from the movie on your new chalkboard picture frame. I will warn you that I did have to erase a bit and it did smudge some. Luckily, I was able to erase it enough that you couldn’t tell. The strand of pearls came in a bunch that I found on the aisle in Wal-Mart that has cheer stuff. Cost of cups: $.97  Cost of forks: $.97 Cost of ribbon: $1.00 Cost of pearls: $1.97 (I’m pretty sure) Total: $5


Ideally, I would have liked to have gotten my balloons filled with helium, but it costs $.50 per balloon to do that. If you have a bigger budget, by all means have your balloons inflated. I had to settle for going a different route. I blew up all of my balloons, tied fishing wire the base of the balloons, and then hung them staggered from the ceiling with the push-pins. I just did a simple knot twice around the base and then tied one knot at the top and slipped the push-pin through that knot and stuck it in the ceiling. It took some time to get them all hung up, but the effect was pretty once it was done. I think the fishing wire cost about $3 and the pins were $2. The balloons were $.97 for each bag. (I love the party section!) Total cost: $7


This little idea was inspired by my daughter. We had been talking about UniKitty pops made out of Snickers bites. And suddenly I had the idea to make little, blue Tiffany’s gift box pops. However, I probably shouldn’t have waited until a few hours before the party to figure out how to do it haha. There are a lot of things I’d do differently next time. But for the sake of letting you know that you can get through it even if things go awry, I will tell you how I did these.

As you can see in the picture, there are toothpicks in the chocolates, instead of lollipop sticks. This is because when the chocolate is warmer, the chocolate falls right off the stick; hence why we used the toothpicks. Side note: The chocolates stay on the stick just fine when cold. 🙂 I have also since learned that if you just dip the stick in some frosting then push it in, then chill it in the freezer for a few minutes, it will stay in just fine. Hindsight is a pain in my ass!

Anyway, we dipped them into the blue and then poked the toothpick through a piece of saran wrap pulled tight across a glass baking dish and lowered them down with a fork so they wouldn’t topple over. It was tedious, but once you got the hang of it, it got easier. Once the first batch was done we put them into the fridge to harden.

Now, I have a pretty steady hand, so decorating has always been something I can do. That was until I realized that I bought the wrong frosting to decorate with. Sigh. Had I been using my brain that day, I would have remembered that I could thicken it with powdered sugar, but alas, my mind was elsewhere. So instead of beautiful Tiffany’s bows, dots seemed to be the way to go. It turns out that they still looked really lovely once I placed them in straight lines and sprinkled some blue sugar crystals over them. Below is the failed attempt along with the pretty dots. Blue candy melts: $2.50 Mini Snickers (medium bag I believe) $3.47 and the frosting was like $3 I think. Total cost: $9  Note: Had the lollipops sticks worked that would have added another $2 to the total cost


I wanted to have breakfast for dinner to tie in with the theme, so I decided on a waffle bar. I had everything on hand except for chocolate chips. I decided to just have cups of add-ins ready for my guests. I offered cups that had either chocolate chips, blueberries (the frozen kind because that’s what I had on hand), and white chocolate chips. There was also cinnamon and sugar and a savory option of garlic salt and shredded cheese (those were a big hit). Guests had fun choosing which waffle they wanted and since I have a dual waffle maker, no one waited too long to eat. Note: If you only have a single waffle maker, it wouldn’t hurt to ask friends and family who are coming to borrow theirs for the night. 🙂 Did I also, mention that for dessert we had my Reese’s Peasy Cheesecake? We totally did!

Here’s the link to make it.


Plates: $.97 Fancy napkins: $.97 Black “toppings” cups: $.97 Chocolate chips: $1.86  Total: $5 Note: I already had the Bisquick and everything else for the waffles and cheesecake on hand. If you don’t already have those things your cost will probably go up let’s say, maybe $20 or so.

Last but not least is the table scape. Sometimes an inviting table makes the party! My friend Calicoe and I spent a lot of time trying to find just the right look that would be elegant, but also a little chaotic. 🙂


Felt: $3 Second pack of beads $1.97  Total: $5

I started with a long, black plastic tablecloth I had leftover from another party. I was shocked that it fit my table, because my table is so big. Score!! Then I took three pieces of felt and put my frame in the center. Next it was all about shine and color. I took out my wine glasses and a vase of fake flowers that we have and then just stacked up the cups and laid down the forks for that pop of blue color. Next we laid the pearls all down the length of the table and scattered beads that my girls play with and their costume bracelets over the table. My fancy wine cork happened to be the perfect blue for the theme and I borrowed the cute little star candle holders from Calicoe. All in all, it came out looking so nice and mostly from things I already had in my home. Pull from everywhere. Maybe you have some pretty, small glass bowls. You can put floating candles in them or floating flowers. If you have wine glasses like me, those will help make the table sparkle. You could put tealights in them too. Nothing is permanent either. If something is bugging you, you can always rearrange until everything looks just how you like it. We changed the look of the table twice after we thought we had finished.


I decided that it looked too perfect and symmetrical, so we knocked a few glasses over to make it seem like the party was going strong. Also, flipping one over and spilling pearls out of it had a very cute effect. Plus, Calicoe let me borrow this adorable mirror and perfume display, complete with an antique powder puff she had!!! So cute!! Ask your good friends what they’ve got. You never know what they’ll have that can add to the look you’re going for. Once the food was gone, what better way to end the night but with a crazy game of Cards Against Humanity! Notice the black and white cards go with the theme ;).

Overall, the party cost me a little over $30. Let’s call it $35 or so with tax. That’s pretty damn good. If you had a budget of $50, you could easily feed 6-8 close friends and have a lovely table to feed them at for a small cost. Remember that it isn’t about how fancy you can make it, it’s about treating your friends to a lovely night out. True friends don’t care how much you spent, but the fact that you made the effort to spoil them and take them away from their busy lives for a night. -Moe

“It’s useful being top banana in the shock department.” – Breakfast at Tiffany’s


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