A Girl and Some Rockstars…

My bucket list includes many things, mostly centered around music and travel. One of the biggest involved seeing Bret Michaels live. I have been listening to him since he sprang to the limelight with his band, Poison, in the 80’s.

I can still remember standing in a living room with my dad dancing to “Talk Dirty to Me.”  It is one of the only positive memories I have from my childhood with my dad. Living with my dad wasn’t always easy – drugs, abuse, and alcohol don’t exactly make for a Leave it to Beaver type childhood. For the lasts 23 years since his death, I have found myself listening to all the music he listened to just to find that connection.

For the last few years, I have watched with envy-filled eyes as The Bret Michaels Band (BMB) has played just 30 minutes from my house; unable to attend every year. Last year, as I sat at a conference, staring at the stage they performed on just days after they had performed, I vowed then and there I would see them. I told my husband to be prepared for those tickets to be purchased when they went on sale.

When tickets finally went on sale, I called everyone I knew to find my partners in crime for the concert I had literally been waiting my entire life to attend. The only one’s crazy enough to join me were my bbf (best bitch forever), Keri, and my sister-in-law, Shauna.

I was ready 2 hours before it was time to leave, and halfway there the realization that this was actually happening hit me. Excitement took over and spilled out in the form of squeals and giddiness.

driving up

We bumped into a friend at the concert and were able to score front row spots to watch. Front row!! Are you kidding!!!??? Let’s just take a minute to let that sink in. Front row. For my bucket list concert. Front row.


We took turns saving spots and walking around – at which time we were able to snap some pics with Bret’s guitarist, Pete Evick. EEK! What a sweet man he is!!

Keri and Pete

Aleah and Pete
pre concert 11692658_10153329355794718_488023056551299540_n 11665546_10153329239569718_6983473802511305584_n

We made it through the opening band, and it was time. The moment I had been waiting almost 30 years for. The band sat up their equipment, and then… he took the stage. There he was, just inches from me. Then, there he was, right in front of me… I could literally touch him – and I did.

The band sounded amazing, the guys were so charismatic on stage and made eye contact throughout the show. Bret “held” my hand and I even managed to nab a guitar pick straight from his hands. My sister-in-law snagged a drumstick that was tossed our way, and our friend was able to sing a couple lines with Bret.


The atmosphere at that concert was outrageous. It was electric!

After the concert, we made our way over toward where the band was exiting. My sister-in-law had managed to befriend the girlfriends of the opening band, Cimino, and we were able to chat with them… we even managed to score a couple tank tops and a CD from their drummer, Sebastian Anderson – I know, right. That guy was born to be a rockstar with a name like that.

Before long, we were standing around talking to the guys in BMB. They were so gracious and kind, and didn’t once make us feel like we were burdening them – in fact, they were asking us to stay and talk to them. One of them even walked us to our car in the parking lot after.

the guys
Shauna, Aleah, and the band (minus Pete).
I can’t even begin to express how wonderful this concert experience was. Outside of being able to meet and say hello to Bret, I could not have imagined a better experience for my bucket list concert. The guys in his band are wonderful. Just simply wonderful.

Those guys make you forget that you have been swooning after their lead singer for your entire life, and they instantly pull you into their sweet, kind eyes and do everything in their power to make your concert experience the best it could be. One of the guys seemed to be more excited to be there for my experience seeing this concert, than I was – it made him seem so kind and real.

I could picture kicking it with these guys. Just having a beer, hanging out.

These men are humble. Any little garage band hoping to make it big needs to take a lesson from these men. They personify what every person in the music industry should be. Kind. Humble. Gracious. And a little pervy. 🙂

4 days later, I am still buzzing from the excitement I felt during and after this concert. Amazing. Check that one off the bucket list, with a smile!

Until next time,



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