“You play ball like a girl!!!!!!” #summerseries

If you don’t love The Sandlot, we can’t be friends. Seriously, we can’t.

Photo from: http://27thletterproductions.com/hey-do-you-remember/2013/11/5/the-sandlot

Summer means baseball, fairs, and pools – all present in The Sandlot. This movie portrays the most amazing story of friendship, brotherhood, and humor. It’s the adolescence every person dreams of. So, when Moe and I were planning our “Summer of Awesomeness” we knew we HAD to have something centered around this movie.

Enter, Sandlot day. We gathered our children, and as luck would have it we were experiencing another bout of rain – see it was fate. Or maybe it’s just Mother Nature having another hormonal swing, either way we were meant to have this movie day. We wanted something fun, easy, and inexpensive.

We made our menu – hot dogs, popcorn (popcorn balls), and lemonade.


Check back at the end of this week for the recipes for our homemade chips and popcorn balls.

Moe and Aleah


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