Rock Stars, Road Trips, and Red-Eyes

Any woman with children knows the value of a girl’s weekend away. Any man with a frazzled wife should know the value of this as well. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a weekend away with one of my closest friends, K.

Every-so-often, you are lucky enough to meet a friend who steals a piece of your soul. I have been lucky enough to meet a few friends like this in my life. K is one of them. She and I refer to each other as bbf’s… best bitches forever. We are more than friends, we are like sisters. The two of us have little in common when comes right down to it… but for some reason we just had this instant connection when we first met.

In July, K and I made the trip to see the Bret Michaels Band with my sister-in-law. Last weekend, we made the 2 hour trip to see them again in Washington, MO at the fair. These guys are just simply wonderful. They are pretty much the coolest people I’ve met in a while… not to mention pretty easy on the eyes too. I can’t remember the last time I have laughed or smiled that much. My hope is that we have made life long connections with these friends.

Sidebar: I decided after this concert that I don’t want to meet Bret Michaels in person. The guys in his band are so awesome, and I just don’t possibly see how he could live up to what they are. I have this huge fear now that he will be a giant d-bag and I will hate him. So, there it is.

My weekend with K was amazing. We shared things with each other and had these experiences that will connect us for life. I truly can’t wait to have another weekend away just as soon as possible.



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