Pan Pasta

Alrighty peeps, I’m back! Let’s not waste anymore of your time and jump in. You know that post going around about cooking pasta in a pan? I said to myself, I’m definitely trying that! It works great! 14 minutes later, I drained my pasta and we ate. 🙂

We tried it just last night so I could blog it today. I put a pound of pasta in a large skillet and covered it completely with water. Note: If you don’t want to drain your pasta at the end, I think you could just experiment with using less and less water, until you’ve got it the way you want it. Then I put it on med/high heat (for my stove it was in between the 6 and the 7) and cooked it for 14 minutes. I timed it on my microwave timer, so I wouldn’t forget to check it. We set it for 12 at first, but it was still too chewy, so we added 2 minutes and it was perfect.


We liked it because it saved us a lot of time waiting for water to boil. You can make your favorite red or white sauce to pair it with, or you can check out the link to my quick pesto recipe.  I hope this saves you some time in the kitchen. Let’s face it, the quicker we get to fill our bellies with pasta, the better ;)!



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