I’m Sorry Miss Jackson

Hi guys :). I just wanted to remind all of you out there that a good friendship is a really nice thing, and it doesn’t take moving mountains to care for it. Last night, while I was running around after the girls and listening to “Rotten to the Core” for the hundredth time, Aleah called and asked if I was up for coffee. I cycled through all the reasons why I shouldn’t go in my head, but one reason that I should popped in. I missed her. We live less than 5 minutes from each other, but if we don’t make time, we don’t see each other. Life is busy and tiring, and sometimes at the end of the day there’s nothing left to give, even to yourself. So I said yes. We got a coffee and an iced tea and went to sit in the park parking lot. We listened to music and just talked. Before long, we had to start heading back and stopped at Wal-Mart for bread. Somewhere in the middle of shopping, Aleah was singing, “I’m sorry Miss Jackson” to which I started in “Woooo”, and before we knew it, we were singing full out getting odd looks and trying not to pee from laughing! That’s  what friendship is all about. It’s just making a little time and sometimes singing at the Wal-Mart (haha). So grab your friend and try to make time when you can. I am fo real! -Moe


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