How We Should Respond to Refugees

I watched a news clip tonight that showed refugees trying to escape.

The video showed children crying and pleading with police to let them be safe. It showed parents begging police to let them pass through. It showed people running and sobbing. And being arrested.

In one scene, a woman officer was holding a 9 year old boy. The boy was sobbing, repeating “please, please, please” over and over. This officer had tears running down her face as she held this sobbing boy while his mother was being arrested beside them.

Another scene showed refugees trying to escape, and a news personnel tripping and kicking the refugees to stop them so the police could get to them.  I heard later this woman has since been fired from her job for these actions.

Through all of this I watched as tears slipped down my cheeks. I wanted to pick up the phone and call someone to tell them I would open my house to these people. I don’t know who I would have called, but it seems like just dialing a number would have worked.

My heart was broken as I watched this unfold on my TV screen, having just seen friends on social media complaining about this same issue. I wanted to write “HAVE YOU NO COMPASSION!!!!????” As a mother, I watched these other mothers seeking safety for their children, and I knew that I would do the same. I would flee as far as I had to if it meant my children would be safe and provided for. Wouldn’t we all?

My heart doesn’t understand how someone could see scenes like this and not be breaking inside for these people. I don’t know how you can turn a blind eye to these problems, and just simply not care.

I have decided that I am going to respond to this crisis. I am going to strive to make this problem my problem and to help. Here are my steps. Will you please join me?

  1. Educate myself. When I say this, I mean truly educate myself. I mean spending time scouring the internet and television soaking up all sides of this issue. I won’t trust one source, but will instead gather information from many sources to form my own true educated opinion about this issue.
  2. Show basic humanity. I will not be someone who contributes to this problem by turning a blind eye. I will have compassion on these people, I will not view these individuals as “immigrants” or any of these other buzz words so many are using right now, but I will simply view them as humans. I will see them as mothers and fathers trying everything to give their children a life – a decision that I would make in a heartbeat for my own children.
  3. Start local. I will start here, in my own town, in my own state. I am going to strive to see how I can help at home. Whether that means educating others, donating supplies, or whatever else that might mean – I’m going to get involved locally.

This is how I will start. It’s small. It might not seem like much, but it takes a seed to start an orchard – I’m sure someone said that. If not, copyright that. I will add more goals and plans as time passes and I accomplish these things. Please join me. Please learn what you can about this from unbiased sources. Please show compassion and love to these people.

Afterall, none of us would be here in our country if a few men hadn’t decided to immigrate. 


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