Recipe Review: Slow Cooker Lava Cake

I found this Slow Cooker Lava Cake Recipe floating around on Facebook this week, and had to try it. It’s chocolate lava cake, who doesn’t love that!?!?

So, I got the specified ingredients at the local supermarket, and got to work. My kids helped me, because frankly they were driving me nuts and I needed to distract them. 

The result…. 

I decided I didn’t cook it long enough… It looks delicious, but the pudding was so runny, and didn’t set up at all.

The cake tasted delish, but the pudding felt like lumpy vomit. I ate two bites and couldn’t handle it anymore. I picked out the solid pieces of cake, and ate those, but the pudding was a no go for me. 

Oh well!

Do you have a favorite Pinterest/Facebook recipe? Share it with us!!



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