Llama, Llama, No More Drama

Anyone who has kids probably understands my reference in the title of this post. If you don’t, just Google Llama, Llama books… they are cute, with a great message.

One such book says, “No more fussing little llama, please stop all this drama.”

Sometimes as adults, we get caught up in the daily garbage that clutters up life. Things that make us crabby and difficult to get a long with. Moment of truth: GUUUUIIIIILTY!!

I get crabby. I get grouchy. I get short tempered. I hate this part of me.

I truly wish I were one of those people who is happy all the time. I just simply am not; however, I do feel like I do a pretty good job of working things out and getting over it. I try very hard to present a happy face and to be cheerful as much as possible.

I have been working on myself over the last couple of years, and I want to leave people happy. I want to not leave negativity. I think the world has enough of this without me adding to it.

My dream… that everyone in the world would sit around a big bonfire and sing kumbaya.

peace and love,



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