Product Review: L’Oreal Sleek It

I decided to try a new product for my hair. I have this baby fine hair that gets completely destroyed by any type of heat, so I am always trying to find a product that keeps my hair protected and healthy.

I saw this product in the store and thought, “ehh. Why not.” What happened next is straight out of a comedy scene.

I used this product for a few days and loved the results. My hair was feeling just fabulous. Then, one morning I was happily getting ready. I fixed my hair, then stepped into the walk-in closet to get dressed. My eight year old daughter comes running into my room, excited to tell me something that had happened in her little world.

I open the closet door to see my daughter come running into the bathroom, and suddenly a look of panic strikes her face. Her arms go flying, her eye get as big as saucers, and before I can get to her, she slams into the garden tub.

She sat silent for a moment, and a bit of mommy panic jumps to mind… did my daughter just completely paralyze herself? Did she knock herself unconscious? Between my panicked thoughts, I hear my son cackling in laughter from the bedroom.

I rush to my daughter, and instantly understand what caused the problem. I hit the tile, and it felt like I had stepped onto an ice rink. I went sliding to my daughter with the force of a MAC truck. I luckily stopped myself before I crushed her like a bug.

I seems that when sprayed on your hair, the residue left on your floor from this product will basically turn hard floors into a sheet of ice.

So L’Oreal, thank you for providing a comic relief for us, but I would love if the residue left by your product didn’t turn my bathroom into a near death trap.



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