Life, Death, and a Kickass Party

My husband and I went to a funeral yesterday for the father of one of our dear friends. As I sat in the service, I felt a heaviness wash over me as I watched the pain and heartache in my friend’s eyes. I hate seeing the people I love in pain, it causes a physical anxiety to overcome me… I want to take it away, and feel it for them.

I watched as my husband interacted with his friends… people who at one time were such an intricate part of our lives… and I saw their hearts for their friend who was in pain. It amazed me. I realized that no matter the length of time between visits, or what had changed in our lives, these people were family. These people are the ones we will call when things go wrong. These people are the ones who, when no one else is left, they will be there. They have been in my husband’s life since High School, and my hope is that they will be there until they all breathe their last breaths.

We all stood after the service talking and we made plans to get together… a big party with the guys playing music. It made my heart smile. When my husband and I got home, I told him we need to make sure that happens. We need to be better about seeing the people who matter most to us. We need to have more relationships and less of all the other junk we have.

So, here’s to life, death, and a kickass party.



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