Elf on the Shelf, I hate you

I’m going to start this post by admitting that I am a boring mom. My husband is the fun parent. He wants the children to have a beautiful, memory filled, Hallmark childhood… I’m the mom that says “the tooth fairy must have dropped the money” as I pretend to find it under the bed, because the tooth fairy actually forgot.

When the Elf on a Shelf craze hit, I wanted to cringe. I hate that stuff. It always seems like a good idea in theory, but in reality it never pans out like it should. It ends up being a lot of work for mom and dad… ugh.

This year I wanted to give Paul, our Elf, a debilitating disease like Mono so he could just rest this year. Here’s how the conversation went with Moe…

Me: “I want to give our elf a disease like…”

Moe: “Herpes?”

Me. “Well, I was thinking mono, but okay.”

Husband vetoed the idea of a disease, and thus we have our Elf on the Shelf in full effect this year. For 15 days… On the 15th he goes back to the North Pole with Santa.

His first trick was to gift wrap the tree while everyone was gone…


Next up, was trying to help put the laundry away while we were sleeping…


So, Elf on the Shelf… I hate you, but thanks for trying to put the laundry away. I hope you find a new home before next year…


Aleah – The Very Worst Mom



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