I’ll Have What She’s Having!

We had a GNO recently that was really fun. It was a paint-your-own-wine- glasses party. For $10, we ended up with 2 original, hand-painted glasses and a ton of laugh lines.photogrid_1449174308335.jpg

This is the perfect idea for a party. Gather all your crafty friends and see if they can bring some paint brushes over to share. Maybe everyone brings one glass or as many as they want, or the host can supply one for each guest. You’ll want to use acrylic paint for glassware, and when they dry we were told to put them in a cold oven, then heat it to 350° for 30 min. Once 30 min. have passed, turn off the oven and let it cool down. Remove your pretty glasses and you are good to drink. The theme for the party we went to was Christmas, but Aleah and I went outside the box and sorted through a few pinterest images on our phones to find something a little different. This is what we made:


With a little imagination and maybe a little liquid courage, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation. And my friends, there is no need to worry if it doesn’t come out the way you pictured it, because once you have a glass of wine out of it, you’ll forget all about your butterfly looking like a map of Australia. 😉 Cheers friends!!! -Moe



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