Friday Favorites – Kitchen

We want to share our favorite items with you this season! We have worked and worked to pick out our top 3 favorite items in several categories – so check back each Friday in December to see what we love!

Aleah’s List

Mix and Chop from Pampered Chef. $12.00

mix and chop

Okay, this thing is the bomb dot com. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. You use this when you are frying say hamburger or sausage and need it to be “ground.” It chops it up into the most wonderful little pieces in the pan. I love it.

Pan Scrapers $4.00ish

Pan Scraper

Mine are from Pampered Chef, but you can buy these at any kitchen store. They are wonderful for stuck on foods. I use mine all the time!!


Cast Iron Skillet

This is my “CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT” kitchen item. I love it!! I cook everything in mine. The reason I love my cast iron? It’s a BREEZE to clean. After it’s seasoned properly, you can basically just wipe it out and dry it and you’re done. I hardly ever wash my cast iron… I clean it, but hardly ever wash it. It’s great!


Moe’s List

Okay peeps, it took me awhile but I finally found a picture of one of my favorite kitchen items. My hand blender is so old, I don’t think they even sell it anymore haha, but it is awesome for when you don’t want to get out your huge food processor, but you need to chop stuff. You need to chop up just half an onion or just a few walnuts, this is the tool for the job! 🙂 I just used mine last night. My recipe called for 1/2 cup an onion. Easy peasy.

GE Hand Blender  I’ve seen similar ones for $15-$25



Okay, this is a sentence that I never thought I would EVER type, but Aleah’s number 2, is my number 2. I love those little scraper thingies and I lost mine (gasp). Don’t tell Aleah, but I’m stealing one of hers next time I’m at her house. She has like 5 of them, she’ll never know. 😉

Rice Cooker


Okay guys, I love this sucker. It’s easy to use, (seriously my girls can make rice in it) easy to clean, and it makes the most perfect rice every time. I never thought that a rice maker would be one of my favs, but it is. If you haven’t tried it, make some rice and then cook up a fried egg and lay it on top of your bed of rice. Add a little salt and pepper, and yummy in your tummy. 🙂





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