Fear, Mass Shootings, and my job

I work in a school. I am not a teacher, but rather on the front lines in an office. I am a secretary. I am part of the team who will, in an emergency situation, help to relay that information to the building.

Today, an email went out to one of the buildings I work in about intruder drills. Details lined out how to practice this drill, and what the differences would be in the event of an actual intruder. Plans are being made.

I have been through active shooter training four times. I have been a part of learning how to barricade a room. I have heard the statistics on school shootings, and how you shouldn’t beg or try to bargain with the shooter for your life because it feeds their need for power; but, you should instead hide, run, or if face-to-face, fight. Throw anything you can get your hands on. Fight to the death if necessary. I have heard all of those things, and still today, when reading that email my heart sank.

I have two children in school. I know countless others in these buildings. I love them all… even the ones I don’t know. The idea of these tiny children having to hide in fear, no parents there to comfort them, breaks my heart into a thousand tiny pieces. It makes me angry.

It makes me angry that some sick bastard would get off on killing innocent babies – children who can’t even defend themselves – because he/she has some unrecognized mental illness or they haven’t gotten their way on everything in life.

BOO HOO! Grow up. Life is hard. So, things haven’t always gone your way. Big freaking deal. That isn’t an excuse to kill innocent people.

It angers me to think that this could happen in our small town. It terrifies me to know that my children have to be taught how to react in a situation like this. It angers me that guns aren’t the problem – because that would be simple solution. People are the problem.

I’m not a gun person. I don’t own guns. BUT, I’m not against owning guns, and I believe that all responsible, law abiding citizens should have the right to own guns. I do not believe that taking guns from people is the answer for solving the worlds problems.

But, on the same token, I don’t believe that arming citizens will solve these problems either.

What happened to the number of car accidents when the number of drivers went up in history? More car accidents. More deaths because of motor vehicles. So, logic SHOULD tell us that more guns in the hands of uneducated, untrained citizens will cause the number of deaths because of guns to go up.

Taking away guns isn’t the answer. Arming everyone isn’t the answer. There isn’t an answer.

People are cruel, ugly, selfish, spoiled, jerks. We are rotten and nasty. We, as humans, get angry when things don’t go our way and we throw tantrums. Grown adults throw temper tantrums, attack and kill each other, and hurl insults because something didn’t go their way. Children hit their parents and throw tantrums because they get a cell phone taken away. Teenagers bully and attack others just out of spite… because they are selfish, spoiled little brats.

People are awful. Very few in our world have the ability to be selfless or think past their own nose.

Guns are not the answer. Guns are not the problem. People are the problem. Our nasty, wicked hearts are the problem.

I don’t know what the answers to the problems we face are, but I do know with each passing day we stray farther and farther from a world that has the ability to find the answer.




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