Friday Favorites – Kid Edition

Every parent has his or her favorite things to manage the kidfolk in their house. Here’s our list of can’t live without kid items.

Aleah’s list:

1. Eye protecting Shampoo visor. THE best. Literally. If you have a shampoo-phobic child like I did, this hat will save you thousands of tears – from both mom and kid. They run around $10-$15 (depending on where you purchase it), and are well worth every penny.

kid shower hat

2. Kid Safety Knife. If you have a kid who loves to help in the kitchen, GET one of these! They can be found at most any kitchen gadget store, and are generally $10 or less. I got mine through Tupperware and it lasted through both of my kids. It’s fantastic.

kids safety knife.jpg

3. Car Organizer. I don’t have one of these currently, but it is on my list before vacation this summer. I did have one of these for each child at one point in time and they are fabulous. A place for everything… even drinks. Our car is always messy with the kids junk, and there are never enough cup holders. These are a great space to keep all those little pesky things kids NEEEEEEEEED in the car. Price varies, but these can be found at any car supply store, Wal-Mart, or Target.

car bag


Moe’s List

1. Foam Letters. These suckers are great!! Every time I give my daughter a bath, we throw these in with her. It’s a bright and fun way for her to play in the bath AND learn her letters too! 🙂 I’ve found them online for $7 or so.


2. Projection Night Light. I don’t know if your kids are afraid of the dark, but mine are. They’re not tremble-with-fear afraid, but they like a little light. So I went in search of a night light for them and found these cool little disney ones at Wal-mart. They just light up and project an image onto the ceiling. It’s a nice, safe feeling for your child to see their favorite movie character or at least a character they recognize lighting up their room when they’re scared at night. Expect to pay $10 to $15 for one AND for your child to hug you even :).


3.Soft Throw

Okay, we love blankets. We don’t love blankets like Aleah loves blankets, but it’s close. Anyway, I think I have like 9 of the Disney-themed soft, plushy blankets. You know them; the ones that just fit the entire length of your middle child, make your littlest disappear completely, and cover your oldest’s legs perfectly. My kids love them. I can’t remember a sick day or snow day, or even just a Sunday, where one of the girls didn’t have one draped on them. My middle daughter is a reader and she is always holed up somewhere with a book and blanket. You can get a wide range of choices for these, and usually they stay pretty constant at $10, unless there’s a deal or rollback for them.


We hope you liked reading about some of our favorites :). -Moe & Aleah



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