Family Ties

I sat in the pew at the funeral home, surrounded by my in-laws, and my heart swelled. We were all there together honoring the life of a woman they had known since they were born. A woman who, in a short 14 years, had become an extended member of my own family.

A few nights before, my children had shed tears upon hearing of her death. There at the funeral home, several of us shed tears as we watched my nephew walk up and pray over our friend. So sweet, so innocent, and believing that God had this woman in his hands, even after her life on Earth had ended.

As the night ended, it hit me that when I married my husband 14 years before, I had married into something so much greater than I could understand. These people who I love, and who sometimes make me crazy, are beautiful, wonderful souls. These people are people who love. They are a clan. A clan I am proud to be a part of.

I realized also that this woman I knew lived a life so much more full than I had ever began to grasp. As we traded stories one of my nephews said, “that’s the deviled egg lady.” We all laughed and then remembered that something so small had such a great impact.

After my family went to bed, I sat and thought about this life I am living and the people in it, and I cried. Sometimes I take for granted the awesomeness of it all. To be a part of something so rich, so deeply rooted… it’s humbling.

So, as we move back to the funeral home to bid our final goodbyes to the deviled egg lady, I vow to move forward with a new resolve to be present in my life. To make my relationships something worth remembering. To be a mom who has moments and memories with her children. To be my husband’s best-friend. To live a full and rich life.

To simply live.



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