A Peaceful Easy Feeling

In the morning after the girls get on the bus, one of two things happens. I either get a solid 30 minutes of peace and quiet, or I don’t. More often than not, the 4-year-old comes running out, the quiet is shattered, and the peace disappears. It’s not as easy as telling her to go back to her room for a little while. If your child is like mine, even if you tell them to go back to their room, they still come out every five minutes with a new question. Finally, you have no choice but to let them come out and feed them. Hahaha. And the peace is broken.

Sometimes on the weekends, I try to go into my room and read where it’s quiet. This works for about 10 minutes until there’s an interruption. I actually like to read. I’m even in a book club.  But the only way I can read in complete silence, is if it’s 1 o’cl0ck in the morning. This is not a good solution, friends, especially when you enjoy the few hours you actually sleep… like I do. So when my friends ask me if I’ve read this book or that book, I just shake my head and tell them I haven’t had a chance yet.

I’m sure I’ve given up many oppurtunities to find a moment of peace, just because I assumed it wasn’t possible. I’ve been trying to change this way of thinking in myself.  I think it’s easy to push quiet moments away when you think you’re just going to lose them anyway. So now I try to take my chances when they come and not waste them.

If my girls are playing quietly together, I go and start a book or a movie “I’ve been meaning to get to.” If I have laundry to fold, I go fold it. The laundry room is actually very quiet in my house and it’s a place I can go and just think in peace while I fold. I can’t wait around for everything to be perfect. That’s just not realistic. But I can seize the advantage when I have it. If I have a chance for even 5 minutes of quiet, I take it. Who cares if it’s not an hour or two? Sometimes all you need is 5 minutes to remember who you are again. Basically, I make my own peace now. ♥ ♥ ♥

Make sure you find a little time for yourself in your day. Peace and quiet aren’t always possible, but when you’re lucky enough to grab a minute or two, do it. Even if it’s to sneak a piece of chocolate away from prying eyes. It’s more important than you think :).




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