Bored equals boring

I have this thing that I tell my children, “if you’re bored, you’re boring.” Basically, it means that you should have the ability to create within your mind something to keep you entertained… regardless of your environment and the material things you have available.

Life has been anything but boring for us the last few weeks. My husband hurt (re: possibly broke) his foot, Moe and I had our book come out, I have cut gluten out of my diet for allergy reasons, Moe and I are planning a garage sale, and my kids have decided that the purpose of their entire existence is to annoy each other (and in turn me).

I was explaining to my husband today that my mind literally never shuts off. I go to bed worrying and thinking, I dream all night, every night, and I wake up worrying and thinking. When my life is busy and crazy, it is even more intense.

I have a creative mind, so it’s always running. I honestly don’t know that I have ever reached a point of being truly bored. So, when my children tell me they are bored, it confuses me. I want them to be creative – to play house, school, write, draw, sing, etc. I want them to use every area of their mind so that there is nothing they can’t accomplish.

How do you help your children combat being bored?



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