I Sort of Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Meeeee….

My HOH friends, I completely forgot to share this story that happened a few weeks ago!! So I’m sitting in the car parked and waiting for my daughter to get out of choir practice. I decided to watch some of my saved videos on my phone. You know the ones. The Tasty meals that you say you’ll cook but never do, or that funny cat vs. cucumber video that makes you pee a little from laughing. Anyway, I’m sitting there and I start watching a Jimmy Fallon video. It was one of the whisper challenge ones. If you’re not familiar, Jimmy has his guests wear headphones playing loud music while he says a word and they try to guess what he’s saying. The word he’s saying is labradoodle. His guest keeps guessing llama shoe. Over and over and over no matter how many times he tells her no, she guesses the same thing. So I’m laughing in my car, and then laughing and snorting and finally,I’m laughing and gasping so hard, I realize I need to send this to my husband. While I’m typing, I look over at the car next to me (didn’t even realize someone had pulled up). I see the woman smiling and talking to me. Joke’s on her at this point, because my window is up and I can’t hear her yet. I put my window down and she’s mid sentence, “what was so funny, because I was going to take a video of you.” I start laughing again and I proceed to tell this woman, who I don’t know, but who’s waiting for her kid too, about the Jimmy Fallon episode and I’m laughing all over again telling her. What she heard was probably something like this: “And then Jimmy’s like…hahaha…he’s like labradoodle…hahaha…but the girl,…heeheehee…gasp….the girl’s like llama shoe?…haha…just…just over and over…snort.” She chuckled some more at me and then the kids came out. And later it dawned on me that this is how those sneaky videos get made. You’re just sitting in the pick up lane and you see this woman in the car next to you snorting and laughing at her phone and you think, oh I need to get this nutjob on video. Turns out I’M the nutjob!!! Not a huge surprise.  Bahahahahaha!!!!



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