Product Review – The Creme Shop Blending Sponge

Product Review – The Creme Shop Blending Sponge

I have been looking into beauty blending sponges for a while now, but questioning the hype I haven’t yet committed. That all changed on Saturday when I made a trip to Marshall’s and found this one on sale for $3.99.

I tried it out today, and at first I wasn’t sold on it. The instructions said to wet the sponge, then apply with a “dabbing, rolling, or blotting motion.” So, I did it. With the sponge wet, I worried that the makeup wouldn’t set and cover like it normally did. I blotted and dabbed, and even rolled. Frustrated, I washed the blender and set it aside to dry my hair and then start over.

When I returned, I was immediately sold! My makeup was a perfect finish. It even covered the few blemished I had recently been fighting. My makeup looked soft and almost airbrushed. My skin was glowing. I have used makeup sponges before – along with brushes, etc. – but nothing had ever had this finish before.

The true test came when I went back after a long day of walking outside in 80* weather, cleaning the basement, and possibly a nap… my makeup was still on. Aside from the blush fading away, my foundation had stayed all day.

Needless to say, I will be keeping a beauty blender in my makeup bag from this point forward. Pick one up and try it for yourself!



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