Barefoot and Buckwild


Today, feeling the need for peace and calm, I grabbed a quilt and my husband and we camped out under the sun in the front yard.

Sunglasses on, we watched as clouds swished and swirled above us, turning from one shape to another. My son, eager to earn vacation money, snipped the hedges behind us; while my daughter flipped and twirled in the yard in front of us.

We laid there for about an hour, and in that hour something amazing happened to me. I recharged. I slowly felt my anxiety slipping away. My pulse slowed, my body relaxed, and I was at peace. True, utter peace.

Take some time this week to get barefoot and walk through the grass. Or lay out and watch the clouds (or stars).

Life is good, friends. It’s so, so good. Enjoy it.



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