Life, Death, and Shave Ice


It’s an odd thing this cycle we call life. It seems so long while we are living it, and yet invariably at the end of one’s life it’s never long enough.

This week my step-dad’s mom passed away unexpectedly. Today was the funeral. My daughter and I sat and observed the family saying goodbye; and the tears shed by her children and her husband of 60 years.

My daughter has a heart that hurts for others, and the process of this funeral left her weary. She worried for a step-great grandfather she had never even met. She worried if this woman she didn’t know knew Jesus before she died. She hurt for her Poppy who lost his mom.

She asked many questions – a few I didn’t have answers to. And she watched with inquisitive eyes as the casket was closed. At the cemetery, she wondered what it was like to be buried, and worried that Helen would be lonely.

After the funeral and family lunch, I took her for shave ice and we made our way back home, talking the entire way about life and death, and afterlife. She still worried about Pete and how he was going to be in the days ahead, and let me know she prayed for him when the preacher prayed at the funeral.

My heart swelled with pride at her ability to be so empathetic at such a young age. She truly is a child with a heart for others.



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