Arm & Hammer Time!

Hey, hey, hey!! It’s high time my lazy butt posted. So, here’s my bright idea from this morning. I buy baking soda in bulk. I wish I could say I need so much for my baking creations, but the truth is, I use it for my laundry and cleaning instead. When I actually need baking soda to bake, I usually head for the laundry room for a teaspoonful hahaha!  Arm & Hammer makes a resealable bag which is great, but I was sick of having to make sure it was closed well every time I needed a scoop of baking soda, and my scoop is awkward to handle, because it’s so bulky to turn inside the bag. I decided to search for a container. I figured I could put the bulk of the baking soda in a container easier to open/close with a wider mouth for the scooping. Win/win/win. But then, I had a better idea. What if I put the baking soda in a pourable container eliminating the scoop altogether? I swear, sometimes I wonder if my brain is even functioning before I come up with this stuff. Here’s the result: 

Hope this idea helps you too. 

❤ Moe


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