Back from Summer Break

My family is finally back from Summer break. Technically we are in Arizona, but we are on our way home. Vacation is over and we have our minds set on the real world. 

I’ve been working from the car today making lists, making phone calls, and finishing up things in my mind for the transition to my new office and new job. I am mentally preparing for the items I will take to decorare the walls with, and thinking of how I will arrange things in my small space. 

As excited as I am to start this new journey at work, my heart is still longing to be back in Huntington Beach with our family. I love those people and the time we have together when we are there. It’s such a strange feeling for me to have a place that isn’t home feel so much like home. My soul is so at peace when we are in that place. 

I’ve come back with pictures to hang on my office walls, and dreams of one day returning for good. But, for now we will live our life in the midwest and I will be content in the place I have been planted… a new drive for my dreams fueled somewhere deep within me.

A new canvas will sit in my office that will say dreams take drive – a daily reminder to work harder than necessary to get where I want to be in life. 



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