Chore War

We have this constant battle in our house for the kids to do chores. They want paid and on one level I think they should be earning allowance, however I also think certain chores are done simply because you are part of a family. Thus lies our problem. 

On our recent vacation our 13 year old son started the process, one again, of convincing us he needs allowance. So, I started thinking about it, talking with my husband, and searching Pinterest and Google for ideas. I found one blog that suggested kids earn a set amount of allowance just because and that they are also responsible for certain chores. According to this blog, chores shouldn’t be tied to a monetary reward, but rather the loss of allowance is used for a consequence for not completing chores.

We liked this idea, and so when we finally get home my kids and I will spend this week before I return to work as a way to decide what their daily and weekly tasks will be, as well as making sure they know how to successfully complete the tasks without my help. 

My husband and I decided that they will each earn $10 a week. They will then be responsile for saving this money toward extra expenses for fun things… movies, games, special trips for dessert, etc. We are hoping this helps our kids learn the value of money. 

What chores are your kids responsible for completing? Do they earn allowance? 



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