Body Issues


I saw this video the other day on Facebook titled Put on Your Swimsuit. The video is basically talking about how moms need to be confident enough to just put on the swimsuit and enjoy their kids… not be consumed by their looks. I encourage you to watch the video when you have time. 

When I watched it I started thinking about how I have viewed my body over the years. I can’t ever think of a time when I was completely comfortable with my body. I’ve never been the girl who feels confident and sexy in my skin. I am a curvy girl, even at my thinnest with hip bones sticking out I was a size 6-8 with a booty and boobs. 

I see women in the media who are smaller than me and they are referred to as plus size. It’s so demeaning and it really takes every bit of self-confidence and courage you have. 

I recently lost 10 pounds (then gained back 5, then lost 3… the math says I’m down 7 now), and for the first time in my life I am at a place where I feel comfortable being in a bikini… even at the biggest I’ve ever been. 

My kids won’t love me less because I have a little extra cushion. They will love me more because I enjoyed life with them. I ate the cake when I wanted to, I ate the burgers with them. I went to the pool and I put on my damn swimsuit and had a great time with them. 

I am going to set a workout routine and healthy eating plan for the simple reason of getting healthy. I want to change my focus and realign my thinking. 

I’m a freaking warrior, goddess, momma and I am going to rock this thing called life, and I’m going to do it with a little extra junk in my trunk. Besides, my husband likes me so who cares what everyone else thinks. 



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