Mommy May I?

My daughter climbed into my bed tonight to kiss me goodnight. 

“I’m wearing your shirt.” She smiled proudly. 

I kissed her and smiled, “you look beautiful.” And she rushed off to the bed. 

Some days I look at her and she looks like a 9 year old teenager, other days she wears my t-shirts to sleep in. 

Some days I get so caught up in being a mom that I forget to cherish the small moments I have with my kids. Like watching Harry Potter with my son today, or cuddling my daughter in bed last night when she got scared. 

Moments are fleeting and in an instant they will be but faint memories. So for tonight, I will try to bask in the small things, and smile when mybdaughter wears my shirts to bed. And smile when my son hugs me for no reason. Because one day soon, they won’t need their mother so close. 



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