Sunflowers and Smiles

Our community bid farewell to a sweet soul today. Little 6-year-old Mikayla Kincheloe departed this world far before anyone would have wanted her to. As I sat today in the overfilled church, listening to the cries of the family members, and sniffles of all those who loved her, my heart broke. A parent should never have to say goodbye to their child, and yet these people possessed so much grace in a moment that they never wanted to face.

The service to honor her life today was one of the most beautiful services I have attended. Those who spoke and organized this service took such great care to honor this sweet girl in a way that brought hope and joy to her family. I watched person after person, including children, marched through the line hugging the family, tears flowing. People are hurting for the person they are missing, and yet smiling at the memory of a beautiful life lived.

Today when I returned to my office, I hung the puzzle piece they passed out at the funeral on my bulletin board – reminding me that every moment in my life is another puzzle piece, given to me by God, that fits into the much bigger picture that I can’t see. I was also give a magnet with her monogram and a packet of sunflower seeds. I hung my magnet on my fridge at home so that I will see it often and remember to pray for this family. I haven’t found a place to plant my seeds yet, but when I do I will take care to view Mikayla’s favorite flower often and think of this little girl and her family.

Mikayla was such a light. I knew her from my two years working in an elementary building office, and I am so happy to say I knew this sweet girl. I would encourage you to take time to watch the video below to hear her family’s story.



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  1. Michele says:

    It was a wonderful service and even more wonderful story! I’m glad you and I were able to experience this together!


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