Fibromyalgia and Sensory Overload

Fibromyalgia and Sensory Overload

A few weeks ago I read this article about linking fibromyalgia and sensory overload, and while it is an oddly written article, it intrigued me. It started me on a journey that has led to weeks of researching this topic. 

I’m astounded. 

For years I have simply thought I was losing my mind or being a grouch. I have felt like the worst mom in the world when simple noises from my children push me to a point of complete insanity. People don’t understand it. Heck, I don’t understand it. 

This weekend was one of those moments for me. While I had an emotional and generally busy week, I came home Friday happy and ready for the weekend. With a storm front moving in, my fibro pain was ramping up, but I was excited to have a weekend to relax with my family. Within minutes of being home, I began to feel overwhelmed. My husband had the TV on, my kids were picking at each other and I was slowly moving into meltdown territory. We headed out for dinner, and while their arguing stopped, the sensory input kept coming. 

When we returned home, I felt myself reaching the point of no return and after repeated attempts to get my kids to stop an argument, I lost it and screamed at them. Immediately I felt horrible. They couldn’t understand what was happening with me, and yet I took it out on them. 

Sensory overload is something few people can understand. For me, it feels like a dam waiting to burst, and someone just keeps adding more water to the lake, until eventually the dam breaks. I start to shut down, my brain spins in circles, unable to complete a thought, and I feel my blood pressure rising, my chest starts to tighten, and my heart races….  it feels like the beginning of a full blown panic attack. I feel alone, like no one understands how this feels. Like people think I’m just a jerk or an impatient mother.

Sensory overload and sensitivity are things I struggle with daily, however most days I can manage to keep it calmed down enough to be considered normal. Whatever that is.

Almost always these major meltdown moments coincide with a pain flare up. 

After reading these articles over the last few weeks, I feel like I have some sort of relief… like someone understands how I feel. It makes me feel like maybe I’m not losing my mind afterall. Like maybe I’m not so alone. It makes sense to me. It gives me a reason for this insanity. 

Have you experienced sensory overload or chronic pain? How do you cope? 



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  1. KindasFolk says:

    Goodness. I have found that I feel bipolar sometimes. Like noise, pain, bright lights all collide and my heart starts racing and my pain increases and… And… Bam! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, but thank you for the info. Now that I know, I’ll keep an eye on it and enlist my meditative and mindfulness skills… Errr that i have not mastered.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like it is always a journey to master that! Good luck!! ~Aleah


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