Leftover Heaven!

If you ask my husband, my leftover-eating track record is abysmal. But lately, eating leftovers isn’t as much of a chore as it used to be for me. You might even say that I look forward to leftovers now. One change has made all the difference. I’ve noticed that if I create something different with the leftovers, I tend to eat more of them. For example, we had grilled chicken with pasta recently and overestimated how many leftover chicken breasts there would be. My mind immediately turned it into chicken salad or chicken nachos. So today I made the chicken nachos a reality and it was heaven!! One chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumbers, sour cream, colby jack, and voila, a tasty creation fit for a Moe. If you’re like me and leftovers are a pain in your butt to get rid of, try to think of an easy meal you can change it into and enjoy. 🙂 

Eat on my friends, eat on. -Moe


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