Backyard Bungalow

Backyard Bungalow


I have this dream of turning my backyard into this fun, inviting, dreamy little bungalow. What I don’t have is know-how, any effing clue how to start, or the money to do it. I know that I want to get rid of this crummy little swing set and put in a croquet field. I also want to remove the old nasty shed under our deck and build a patio – complete with hanging lights, and I want to put in a fun little fire pit and bbq area.

I can just picture myself sitting on the patio on a beautiful day like today, reading a book, listen to my children laugh and have a great time – all while drinking a margarita. Of course in reality, the kids will be half killing each other, the dog will probably poop on my pretty patio, a spider will fall in my margarita, and a mosquito will most definitely give me zika virus.

One day soon my back yard will be my haven. My 5 year plan includes making over this space and giving us a fun place to hang out when the crazy Missouri weather allows. 5 years seems doable…. baby steps, right?




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  1. Michele says:

    You can totally do this! Watch Youtube videos to get ideas. There’s a lot of you can with sand and pavers!

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