It’s time for a heart-check. It’s been 3 months since my best friend moved across the country. Today, I had a breakdown. I looked around and realized that nothing will ever be the same without her.

I am finding new friends, and re-connecting with old friends. Friends who honestly speak to my heart in ways that only she ever could. Friends who get me. Friends who make me laugh, who understand that I am bat-shit crazy, and who don’t mind the occasional inappropriate text message.

But, they aren’t Moe. They aren’t the person who I can text at 9pm for coffee and a trip to Wal-Mart. They aren’t the person who I could share anything with. They aren’t the person who will always show up – without fail, because that is who she is.

Moe is one of a kind. She is someone who will never be replaced – and who I would never even try to replace. She is someone who grabbed my heart, and reshaped it into what is was supposed to be, and then gave me the confidence to boldly go into the world as myself.

She is my Moe. My person. And I miss her.





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