30 Day Organization Challenge

September brings new routines and new weather. So here at House of Helton, we wanted to ring in fall with 30 days of organization. 

 We are already 3 days in and let me tell you, I love it!!! 

Here’s my latest organization project… a Command Center. 

This took about 20 mins and around $25. Such an amazing difference! I put it right beside our laundry room/garagr entrance so I will see it everyday. 

Want to join us? Use this 30 day schedule to get your life organized! The first 5 days are designed to get your actual life and routine organized, after that it’s focused on your home. Switch the schedule around to fit your needs, skip things that don’t apply to your family, but do something everyday. Use this time to donate or throw out stuff you no longer need/use.

Your Life

1 –  Your daily/weekly/monthly schedule… get a calendar and write everything in it.

2 – Your morning routine

3 – Your evening/nighttime routine

4 –  Your priorities (family, friends, church, etc.) -are you a “yes” person… figure out what is beneficial to your time and what isn’t. Eliminate activities that are time/joy suckers.

5 – Start a journal to organize your thoughts and feelings… write for 30 mins everyday.

Your Home

6 – Refrigerator

7 – Pantry/Dishes

8 – Cooking Utensils

9 – Cook/Bakeware

10 – Spices/Spice Rack

11 – Under the kitchen Sink

12 – Laundry Room

13 – Side Tables/Night Stands

14 – Closets/Dressers

15 – Under the Bed

16 – Entryway & Entry Closets

17 –  Car

18 – Garage

19 – Kids Closets

20 – Kids Bedrooms

21 – Playroom

22 – Spare Room

23 – Linen Closet

24 – Under Bathroom Sinks

25 – Holiday Decorations

26 – Movies/Games

27 – Crafting Supplies

28 – Storage Space (Shed/Room/Attic)

29 – Junk Drawer

30 – Desk/Office


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