Grass Attack

My youngest daughter dislikes grass, but this morning was hilarious! She was running around outside, while her sisters waited for their bus. Well she was wearing flip-flops and decided to run around in the grass, forgetting her disdain for the green menace. And on top of it already being grass, it had the nerve to be WET!!!

 So I hear this: “Mom, I’ve made a terrible mistake! The terrifying grass is attacking me!!!!” 

I look up to see her frozen in place in the grass. Then she proceeds to slowly tiptoe and high step her way out of the grass to the safety of the driveway. She angrily kicks her flip-flops off. How dare the grass always make them dirty!! I’m sitting on the driveway laughing and she grumpily tells me to stop laughing, while she tries her best to rid her feet of the offensive dew. Apparently, it’s not funny. How could I laugh when such an injustice has occurred? I laugh harder, and she finds solace in an acorn as the bus arrives.

 I get up to go back into the house and she gasps, “Wait Mommy, you promised me a piggyback ride!!” 

“You’re right, I did. Scoop up your shoes in your hand and get on.” Shoes in hand, she climbs on my back without a care in the world.

 I like to imagine that she gave the grass a dirty look before we left the driveway haha. 🙂  Happy Wednesday, everyone!! Mind the grass ;). 



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