Almost 5 Going on 82

I took the 4-year-old to Walmart today. She wanted to help me pick out presents for her big sis’s birthday. I wanted to get her some new eyeshadow and brushes, so we headed to that aisle. As I’m perusing three “different” shades of black eyeliner, one called something like blackest, my daughter pipes up. 

“Mommy, when I’m 5 can I wear makeup?”

“No, not when you’re 5.”

“When I’m 8?”

“No, that’s still too young.”

“When I’m 10?”

“Nooo, not when you’re 10, but when you’re 13, I’ll let you wear eyeshadow like sissy.” 

She ignores this comment and forges on. 

“How about when I’m 82?”

I said, “When you’re 82?”


“Yes, sweetie. You can wear anything you want when you’re 82.” I chuckle.

I keep looking over the makeup. Electric blue is not happening this year. Haha. 

Then I hear, “and I’m going to wear this one when I’m 82, and this one, ooooh, and this one!” 

“What are you doing?” I ask her as she plunks a third applicator of mascara into the cart. 

“I’m gonna get these when I’m 82.”

I said, “You are not 82 yet, please put them back.” 

I start putting them back and she takes them back off and puts them back in the cart. This ensues for a few rounds until she gets bored and surrenders. 

The icing on the cake to this little story, is there was an older woman shopping right near us. By no means was she 82, but I can only imagine how hilarious it was for her to overhear our discussion. You’re just shopping along getting a new nail polish maybe, and suddenly there are assurances from a little girl that one day, specifically when she’s 82, she WILL buy that mascara. Only at Walmart, right?  

Have a great weekend everyone! -Moe ❤


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