I got up 30 minutes early this morning, loaded my tired children into the car, and headed to the polling place to cast my vote. I stared at the ballot with wonder as I realized that, like it or not, we are once again making history in our country. 8 years ago we had the first African-American on our ballot, and today we have the first woman on our ballot. History has forever been re-written.

We are making steps that our daughters and granddaughters can stand firmly on. Little girls across this great nation will now know, without question, that they can set and achieve any dream they desire. Regardless of the outcome of this election, the fact that we have a woman (like her or not) on our ballot is monumental.

As you go on with your life today, and in the days to come, and the election results are announced, be kind. Know that every voter has a voice. Know that every person voting, running for office, etc. is human. Humans make mistakes. Humans are fallible. But, they are still humans with feelings, emotions, hopes, dreams, and opinions. Humans who are passionate about various things. Humans who need to co-exist and work together in this thing we call life.




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