A Nation Divided

I swore I wouldn’t write another blog post about this election, but as I clicked the deactivate button on my Facebook account this morning, frustration overwhelmed me. On one side, we have people frustrated with the process. On the other side, we have people happy with the process.

Both sides are divided strongly by emotions. Both sides have valid and purposeful reasons for their opinions. Both sides are hurting the other side with words. We have allowed it to be okay for people to sit behind a computer and sling insults. We have allowed it to be okay for children to go to school and call one another baby killers, terrorists, and idiots for having differing opinions. We have allowed it to be okay for people to tear one another apart simply because we disagree.

It seems to me that we have forgotten that words hurt. Social media has taken the humanity out of conversations. It has made us forget that we aren’t speaking to a computer… we are speaking to a human. A real person with feelings and emotions.

We have allowed hate to have a voice, and we say it isn’t hate to make ourselves feel better. We have allowed other people to steal our joy and keep us from remaining kind. We are a nation divided.

I am sad. My soul aches for this nation and the people in it. This has to move beyond political parties and religious beliefs, and we must return to our humanity. Our compassion for one another. Love must prevail. It simply must.





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