I love moonlight.

Which is odd, because I nighttime makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like to go outside in the dark. In fact, the dark kind of scares me. I think it’s the unknown of the darkness. 

But the moonlight… I love it. There is something magical about the moonlight. I remember in high school reading a Shakespeare play and being so enchanted by the night scenes. 

As a child, I wanted a window seat so I could stare at the moon. I never got it, but I still looked out my window at the moon. 

Tonight, I walked into the bathroom and the moon was beaming through the window, lighting up the room. I thought about how magical it felt. About how this giant thing that can control the oceans can, at the same time, be so gentle feeling. I sat in the darkness for a moment, a peace washing over me as I soaked up the soft light filtering, and I thought to myself…. 

Moonlight. I love it. 



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