Thanksgiving Leftovers

A friend inspired us to write this post after asking her FB community what their favorite dishes were to make with leftovers from Thanksgiving food. So, we polled our FB family, scoured Pinterest, and reached into the recesses of our minds to come up with our top 10 list of Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas.


  1. Thanksgiving Hash – Moe suggested this one. Throw all your favorite leftovers (turkey, stuffing, potatoes, veggies, etc) in a baking dish, mix it with leftover gravy, top it with cheese, and bake.
  2. Potato Pancakes – This is something Aleah’s mom has made for as long as she can remember. Mix your leftover potatoes with an egg, throw in some shredded cheese, and fry in a pan with a pat of butter. Josh’s tip: Dust the pancakes with a small amount of flour and they should stick less.
  3. Thanksgiving Bowls – Taking inspiration from south of the border, build a Thanksgiving bowl. Throw your potatoes on the bottom, top with stuffing, meat, veggies, then cheese, and gravy.
  4. Open-faced Turkey Sandwich- A lot of times we’ll use leftover stuffing or rolls and just layer hot turkey and gravy right on top. Nom Nom.
  5. Turkey Salad Sandwich- If you just can’t wait too long, you can use your mini processor to blend turkey and mayo for a tasty sandwich. I like to heat up some gravy with mine and add that in too.
  6. Turkey Soup- The Delvecchios sometimes make soup with the leftover turkey. You can add in a little gravy to the broth too for flavor and then you get soup and sides when it’s done. Yummmmm.
  7. Turkey Chili – What’s better for these cold weeks that follow Thanksgiving than chili? Chunk up your leftover turkey and toss it in with your favorite chili recipe for a healthier version of this winter favorite.
  8. Cranberry Muffins – Grab a white cake mix, use cranberry sauce in place of the water and oil, add an egg and bake as normal for a delicious treat. (If your sauce is thick, you may need to add a little water.)
  9. Turkey/Stuffing Pot Pie – Mix together leftover gravy with frozen mixed veggies and leftover turkey. Pour into a baking dish, top with leftover stuffing/dressing and bake. Top with a crescent/phyllo dough instead of stuffing for a more true pot pie.
  10. Tukey and Cranberry-Mayo Sandwich – Mix together a tbsp of cranberry sauce with a tbsp of mayo. Spread on toasted sourdough bread (or your choice of bread), top with turkey, lettuce, and your other favorite sandwich toppings for a light and delicious treat.

Gobble, Gobble,

Moe and Aleah


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