A Town in Pain

I have sat to write this post a hundred times over the last couple of days, and words have failed me. Still, words fail me to a degree. Our town has faced a hurt that is beyond human understanding. We are a town in pain.

A young girl lost her life in a car accident; and in a separate accident, later in the day, two local boys lost both parents – from two separate families. In one day, we had 5 people from our community die because of car accidents. This community is hurting, and begging for understanding.

My own daughter, who is friends with the young lady who passed, struggled to understand the reason behind this tragic event.

“Why did Sammie have to die when so many bad people are alive?” She asked.

I couldn’t answer her with anything other than, “there is a reason for this that we may never understand.”

That answer seemed to fall so short of anything worthy of what she needed to hear in those moments. This conversation led us to talk about how we should try to find ways to be thankful in all situations. We discussed how Job, in the Bible, suffered so greatly, and yet he still praised God in every circumstance.

I reminded her that Sammie’s brother, outside of a few injuries, was okay; and her parents were okay also. We talked about the man who was driving the vehicle that hit them, and how sad he must be. We cried together and we talked about our friends, whose daughters are very close to Sammie, and how much they must be hurting.

I have prayed for so many people over the last few days… people that so many don’t even realize are affected by these tragedies. I feel like I haven’t stopped praying since I first heard of these accidents. And yet, it doesn’t feel like enough.

I want to take the pain, but I can’t. No one can.

Our town is hurting. So many people hurting for so many reasons, and still life will move on. Pray for these families. Pray for our community.




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