I’m baaaack…ish

Hello, hello, hello, Helton peeps!! Yes, I am still alive. You wouldn’t know it from how little I’ve posted. Luckily, I have an amazing best friend who always manages to find time to blog during bouts of unmotivation from me. Friends, there’s no real excuse other than a slump. I’m in a big old sit on my rump slump. I haven’t written on the blog or anything personal in what seems like ages and I haven’t edited either. Sorry Aleah. Keep reading along with everyone, it gets better. So I’ve decided no more Rump Slump. My rump has slumped long-e-fricken-nough!!! So my first baby step is to write a small blog tonight. It won’t post for a day or two, but it’s my start. I have books to edit, books to read, and books to write for crying out loud!! I have hats to be crocheted, puzzles to be finished, and paintings to be created!! So tonight shall end this lack of motivation.  Tomorrow, I plan to write one small story and edit at least 5 pages. Time waits for noone to get off their butt, especially me! So, I’m back and I’m ready. Hugs to you all and thanks for reading :). -Moe


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