Birth Control: More Than Preventing Pregnancies

There has been a lot of controversy in the country recently surrounding women’s rights. One of the issues that stands out to me is birth control. Under new legislation, birth control will no longer be covered by insurance. With this in mind, I thought I would share part of my story so someone out there might have a better idea of why covering birth control is important. 

I was an early bloomer but even still didn’t get my menstrual cycle until 8th grade. Almost immediately after my cycle started, I began this monthly fight. My cycles came with a vengance. 

By age 16 I wasn’t able to leave the house during my cycles without a change of clothing tucked into my bag. I was using doubling up on menstrual products and still finding myself leaking in class or other places. Most teachers weren’t understanding of me having to excuse myself during class to take care of business, so I often had problems at school. I was also missing a large amount of school each month because of my problems.

It was around that time that I had my first of 6 cysts rupture on my ovaries. It landed me in the hospital in an amount of pain that is indescribable. A few days later, my doctor diagnosed me with endometriosis. A few weeks after that, the pain from my cycle became so unbearable that I passed out while at home alone. 

At that point, my doctor made the decision to prescribe birth control pills to regulate my cycles and narcotic pain pills to help manage my pain. Months of trying different pills finally landed me with a birth control pill that seemed to reduce my cycles to a manageable level. Although, I was still not able to leave the house without a change of clothing during my monthly cycle. 

My endometriosis made getting pregnant later in life a difficult task, and eventually landed me with a hysterectomy around the age of 30. 

Had my parents not had insurance that covered this much needed medication, I am not sure what would have happened. At 16 years old, I wasn’t using birth control as a means of preventing pregnancy.  

Sometimes birth control is used for more than preventing pregnancy. 
Never in my years, have I seen a man denied a medication simply because of his gender.  

This is why women march. This is how things are not equal. This is why women’s right matter, because no matter how many people think things are equal, they are still not equal. 



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