Because Disney World

I would like to tell you all the story of my very first Disney experience while I was in line with my 5-year-old. Let me give you a little background first, so I can set the stage. We decided to spend Thanksgiving break with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. They live in Florida and are about a half an hour from Disney World. Well, we didn’t tell the kids they were going until the day before. They didn’t do the screaming so loud that birds in the vicinity popped thing, but they were excited to go, especially, the 5-year-old.

We get there and it’s everything you think it will be, the castle, the decorations, the people, the Mickey stuff, just everything you can imagine, and more. Once we’re in the park, we walk around a little and my sister-in-law points out that you can visit with Elena of Avalor and Cinderella. I notice it’s a 20 minute wait, but she says the line moves pretty fast. Okay. We go. I learned a lot about Disney that day, just from that one line.

They say 20 minutes, but what they really mean is maaaaaaybe we’ll let you in here in 20 minutes…if you’re lucky. I’m pretty sure we waited closer to 40. They don’t tell you about the little girls dressed up perfectly in princess gowns, makeup, and tiaras that look real, practicing their curtsies and holding autograph books. No, they don’t mention that with the wait time. They also failed to mention that there seems to be no limit of family members that can go in with you, and that all of them can take their own pictures. Just one or two pictures, but when you’ve got 10 to your crowd and grandma just can’t get enough, it can add to the wait.

So, we’re in line and we get to the entrance before the real entrance. We’re next. We can almost hear the princesses speak. They’re just a small hallway away! It’s about this time that they unclasp the velvet rope and we’re walking towards THE doorway, and now we can SEE the princesses, that my daughter says, “Mommy, I have to go pee.”

Damn. So close. Now, as a mom, I did think of this before we went in. I thought, Should I have her go pee? Nah, she hasn’t complained and she’s really good about letting me know beforehand. I should have known better. I tell her she has to wait and that Elena is right there.

“Can you just hold it until after we meet the princesses?”

“Okay, mommy, I can hold it.”

We are 3 people away. 3! She says, “Mommy, I don’t want to meet Elena anymore, I just want to leave and go pee.”

I say, “But sweetie, you waited all this time to see her and there she is right there. She’s gonna talk to you right after these people. Don’t you want to meet her?”

“No,” she cries, “I just want to pee.”

I try to calm her quietly, “Shh, it’s okay, you don’t have to meet her, but she waited to meet us too, so Mommy is just going to say hi really quick and then we’ll go, okay?”

She sniffles, “Okay.”

I’m in shock here. We are one person away at this point from seeing a real live princess that she loves, and she’s hiding in my shoulder and almost crying. Crap. We get to Elena. Elena sweeps her arms out wide then clasps her hands together, smiles and says, “Hello my beautiful princess. I’m so happy you’ve come to see me today.”

Guys, my daughter turned into a super fan girl in like two seconds. No joke. Her eyes got all starry and she had this big smile on her face, like she hadn’t just said to me she wanted to leave and pee 30 seconds ago. Elena asked her for a hug and my daughter scrambled to get down and couldn’t even speak she was so stunned. She was in a princess stupor. It was HILARIOUS! Elena is asking her all the sweet questions and there’s my kid all bug-eyed and grinning, and all she can muster is a high, squeaky, “mmm-hmm” in response. She hugged Elena goodbye so tightly. It was very sweet. You could almost feel her trying to soak in all the princessy magic. Elena thanked her for stopping by and I scooped her back up, happy as can be.

I was so glad she hugged her and loved it, so I said, “I’m so happy you said hi AND you even got to hug Elena!!! That’s so cool!! Do you want to meet Cinderella now and hug her too?! It’s our turn next!”

I kid you not, smile gone, she turned to me all serious and said, “No. I gotta pee.”

Bahahahahahaha!!! I almost busted out laughing right in front of frickin Cinderella and we left. So my very first memory of Disney World with my family, is my daughter peacing out Cinderella to go pee instead. Smh.

Love, Moe

P.S. Always make them pee first, no exceptions. 😉







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