Dear Men, don’t call me a sandwich maker…

Dear Men, 

Don’t call me a sandwich maker. In fact, don’t call any woman a sandwich maker. It’s rude.  

I get it, you think you’re making a joke. News flash, it’s not funny. 

I have been married for almost 16 years and never in 16 years has my husband ever used those words to describe me. Why? Because my husband respects and loves me. He understands that the way he speaks to me is the way our son will speak to women, and the way our daughter will expect men to speak to her.

I am not a sandwich maker, my daughter is not a sandwich maker. Women across the world are not sandwich makers.

We are women. Strong women. Women who need to be respected, treasured, valued, and treated with love. Women who deserve to have a man speak to us in a way that makes us feel like all of the above ways. 

Women who need you, as men, to raise the next generation of men to treat women with respect. 

So, if I hear you call a woman a sandwich maker, a baby maker, a dishwasher, or whatever the word you decide upon… I will call you out on it. 


Make Your Own Damn Sandwich


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