I don’t buy bananas anymore. It may or may not be mostly because of my 5-year-old. You see, she swears she likes bananas, but no, she really doesn’t.

Let me give you a little snapshot of a morning when she “likes” bananas. 

When we have bananas in the house, I end up eating most of them by myself. Sometimes I’m okay with it, and sometimes it would be great to have help eating them. Enter the 5-year-old.

“Ooo Mommy, you’re having a banana?! I want a banana!” Her excitement is almost believable…almost. 

“Are you sure? Remember, you don’t really like bananas.” I feel the need to remind her, even though I know what’s coming. 

“No, I like them. Can I have one too? I promise I’ll eat it this time.” She pleads for her own banana. 

“How about we share one and if you want more you can have more, okay?” 

“O-kaaay,” she sighs, like it’s such an inconvenience to have to compromise for half of something she just LOVES sooo much. Mmm-hmmm.

I give her half a banana with the rest of her meal. A little later, after my half is long-gone, she gets down from her chair. 

“Are you all done?” I ask.

“Yep, I’m all finished!” She says proudly.

I look at her plate. She’s finished all of her breakfast, except for the banana, minus one nibble. That’s the small bite she always takes right before she realizes SHE DOESN’T LIKE BANANAS!!!

I take her banana and start to eat it. There’s no reason to let it go to waste. From the living room, just after I take a bite I hear this,”Hey! That’s my banana! I was eating that!”

“You said you were all done!”

“I was saving my banana for later, with my lunch.” She says this thinking I’m buying it. 

“It will get nasty out of it’s peel. You can’t save it like that or it will turn brown.”

“Ewwww! I DO NOT want a brown banana. Can I have a different, new banana with my lunch?” 

I sigh. “No, no more bananas. You didn’t even eat this one.” 

“I know, but I’ll eat my banana at lunch.” She smiles at me like this is her best idea yet. 

“No.YOU. DON’T. LIKE. BANANAS!!! Please go play.” I’m not above begging at this point. 

I go to take another bite, “Can I play playdough?” Sigh…stupid bananas. 

May you all win your food battles today. 



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